About me

Welcome to Bojesen Solutions, the name of my one-man-freelance company.

My name is Peter Bojesen and I am a freelance IT-consultant.
I have been a professional IT Consultant since 2000.

I have great experience with software development on the .Net-platform and in Javascript and js-related frameworks. I have been deeply involved in developing IT systems, within the private and public sector as Developer, Senior Solution Architect and Scrum Master.

I have experience with Scrum since 2009 and from the last 5 years with frameworks/processes such as SAFe and "The Spotify Model".

  • Scrum Master
    Pragmatic and servant leader. People first.
  • Developer
    Fullstack .net/c# + Javascript & js-based frameworks
  • Scrum Coach
    Process expert - with a pragmatic and practical approach to coaching Scrum

What I deliver

Scrum Master

As a Scrum Master I have successfully built and coached many teams. I have helped them grow using Agile principles with Scrum as the daily process. I take a pragmatic approach on team coaching with the team's initial maturity level and experience within Agile as a baseline.


My experience as a developer using .Net/c# and Javascript (+js-related frameworks) goes back to 2001. As a Developer I believe in the principles of SOLID and Clean Code and have many years of experience in analyzing business needs and implementing these in new as well as legacy/existing IT-systems.

Scrum Coach / RTE

I have experience with the role as RTE in a SAFe-setup and have also been coaching teams in the ways of agile and scrum. My experience also includes coaching and teaching management/leadership-groups.